ISIS is the organization which quickly turned into a proxy-state with political agenda and demands, created by the liberal leftists and their establishment in the USA and UK, provided with modern weapons and equipment. After a year or so, ISIS became a CALIPHATE. Can you believe it?! Killing innocent people, muslims and christians, merciless psychopaths who want to kill everyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.

And, nobody did a thing about them, until Russians and Syrians started serious offense. Now, Donald Trump is leading the coalition against ISIS-just as he promised. In the report below we have good news! Mosul will soon be liberated- ISIS HEADQUARTERS-DESTROYED!

One of President Donald Trump’s most important promises to the American people was that he would be fearlessly dedicated to taking down ISIS. Now, the Defense Department has just announced that an Islamic State command-and-control headquarters in western Mosul was destroyed by a coalition air strike—proving once again that Trump is a man of his word.

According to The Washington Examiner, the five-story Bab Sinjar administration building was located in the Jumjuri medical community complex. It also served as a propaganda factory. The U.S.-led coalition successfully carried out the strike in Iraq on Friday.

“Islamic State terrorists regularly use protected sites like hospitals, schools, and mosques for activities to try to protect themselves from air strikes, but the coalition determined through intelligence collection that the building was no longer used for any medical purposes and that there were no civilians at the site,” The Washington Examiner reports.

The air strike was just one of three that took place in Mosul on Friday. The other two destroyed Islamic State assets, including watercrafts, shipping containers, a mortar system, an artillery system, and a facility designed to make vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices.

“Mosul is going to be liberated,” Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement. “It is a military fact.”

It’s been a brutal week for ISIS, who has also sustained several attacks from Russia. On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry said that long-range bombers at fired a series of cruise missiles at ISIS targets around Raqqa.

H/T American News

This is an excellent opportunity finally to liberate the city of Mosul and drive the terrorists away in the mountains. After that, the coalition, united with Russia and Syria will be able to have the final, lethal strike against these evil organization. Let’s hope that ISIS will remain just a painful part of the modern human history.