BREAKING: Trump’s Education Secretary Pick Wants To Allow PRAYER Back In School – Liberals In PANIC MODE!

The churches sometimes were the places where the modern countries education, art, music and science were born.The prayer was the salvation of the one’s soul. Pilgrimage sometimes was a mission of a lifetime, to find eternal peace for the sinful soul. Today the people forgot what was that a soul… We became slaves of technology, corrupted banking economy system and mainstream media mind control.

This agenda had the strongest hit on the entity of the american nation in the last decade. The Dems and neo-liberals did everything in their power to achieve their goals- became richer than ever, accept immigrants of all kind(muslim, south american , african) and control every segment of our lives.

These people made huge impact on destruction of the church community, taking religion out of schools, pressure for political correct speech etc. Christians became a black sheep in the herd of ,,polite” , ,,modern”, ,,generous” and ,,enlightened” liberals all around the USA.

If you are conservative, than it’s even worse. Than you are a racist, xenophobe, fascist and things like these. That is called hypocrisy. Brutal and deadly hypocrisy who completely control the young population.

The religion is out of school, but Trumps Education Secretary Betsy DeVos thinks that it shoul be better to bring prayer back in school. Watch this video below, it is a wonderful intervie with Betsy DeVos:

The Christianity and demo christian values are what we need most now. In this painful and deadly poison spread by the liberals, we need the antidote that is going to crush them- and that is the words of GOD! GOD BLESSED AMERICA WITH DONALD TRUMP AND BETSY DEVOS!

H/T TruthDivision