BREAKING: Trump’s New VA Secretary Just ROCKED The System – Announced Removal Of One ABSURD Rule


FINALLY! Another reform that we’ve been all waiting for is going to be implemented soon. Our President showed many times what he feels about our men and women in uniform, he showed what does it mean to be a patriot! Obama and the liberal administration completely marginalized our military personal and our veterans.

That’s terrible. These people fought ready to die for our country, those people served and suffered to live the live of a soldier for our country and our people. Now, the things are changing- the veterans may expect better times to come…

President Donald Trump spoke frequently on the campaign trail about reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs so those who served this country could get the best care possible.

As with almost every other campaign promise, Trump is following through on this one. Trump’s VA Secretary, David Shulkin, has released a proposal aimed at expanding the availability of treatment for veterans.

Shulkin outlined his plan on Sunday while speaking to the Disabled American Veterans annual conference, saying he wants to do away with the so-called “40-mile, 30-day rule” that limits where veterans can receive treatment, Stars and Stripes reported.

Currently the rule states that veterans must wait 30 days, or live 40 miles away from a VA clinic, before they can seek help outside the VA system.

Shulkin wants to do away with these limits and allow veterans to seek private health care if they so choose, with relatively few restrictions placed on that.

This isn’t full-blown privatization of the VA, but an action that would allow veterans to choose where they want to receive their care. The government would no longer be able to dictate this. noted that Shulkin’s other priorities included beefing up employee accountability and finally doing something about the high rate of suicides among veterans.

Shulkin, in an interview with Fox News, promised that he would be swift and harsh when dealing with VA employees who weren’t working up to the standards they should be, Military Times reported.

Trump often floated the idea of full-blown privatization of the VA — which is something several prominent veterans’ groups opposed — but more recently he has seemed to settle on a sort of public-private VA system that gives America’s veterans the best of both worlds.

Hopefully Shulkin can enact this plan, and others, so America’s veterans finally get the care they deserve.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Finally the things are going to improve for our brave veterans. The absurd rule is gone, the disabled veterans will be really happy after this. I you ask me, I would have done MUCH MORE for our troops and veterans if I would have been in position- those people are our sentinels. Obama’s administration completely forgot them- Trump begins wonderfully. Let us hope that he’s going to keep this spirit!