BREAKING: U.S. Steel CEO Guarantees 10,000 Jobs To Be Brought Back – All Because Of Donald Trump!

Wonderful news! Donald Trump is on crusade to save the american economy! U.S. Steel CEO Mario Lunghi is going to brin 10.000 jobs back to the USA. He explained why U.S. Steel went to overseas countries to because of administrative and bureaucracy problems during Obama’s rule.

Obama and his administration did a huge damage to american economy and they put our nation in huge debts. Their neo-liberation philosophy disabled the common people of america in finding a well paid job because of illegal immigrants, on the other hand he enabled great opportunities for giga-corporations to establish their factories in overseas countries.

But, things are going to change now! USA is going to ,,heal its wounds” with the best ,,surgeon” the economy wunderkind Donald Trump. Look what U.S. Steel CEO said about this:

H/T TheTruthDivision

Good job Mr. Trump! This is how we make America great again! If you are a real patriot, that means that you care and correspondent with your people. You help the nation, you contribute to your people. Donald Trump’s dedication is already proven: Carrier, U.S. Steel and many other companies will come next in the row. Well done!