Our senior citizens are enraged. Something AWFUL is happening in our country. The “wise” senior class is pissed after some celebrities stated that they want them dead. Obviously, the liberals are unhappy because many voters from this population support trump. The liberal hordes are blasting out of frustration. This is horrible, the seniors deserve better.

People see American senior citizens and think they’re “cute” or “weak” but then get the shock of a lifetime when they truly realize how powerful this group of citizens can be when the unite.

Seniors have had enough of the Hollywood blather against President Donald Trump. Now, they are threatening to boycott the Oscars and theaters if it turns into a “bash Trump” affair, via Washington Examiner.

The seniors paid particular attention to Jimmy Kimmel, giving him 12 examples of the hateful rhetoric that the celebrities have already announced.

This warning is coming from a group of seniors who claim to be the alternative AARP. They’re called AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens.

One of the Oscar nominees, Michael Shannon, stated that all Trump supporters should die. Well, that would severely limit his pocketbook, now wouldn’t it? Seniors watch a lot of movies.

Director Judd Apatow claimed he feels “raped” by Donald Trump. This is just offensive overall, not just to Trump fans. Rape is a serious crime and should never be compared to an election! Michelle Williams, another nominee, thinks it’s hard to be a mother in Trump’s America. How? Well, Williams had to explain to her children that her preferred candidate lost. Boo hoo.Our senior citizens no longer want to hear these things while they are trying to enjoy themselves. They are watching the Oscars, and not a political news show, for a reason.

So, if the seniors of AMAC hear more of these political comments that are just hateful and unproductive, then they will start boycotting the theaters. Around 60 million people voted for Donald Trump, and I’m sure we all stand with our elders.

“They are tired of being demeaned and mocked by celebrities who have become enriched in large part due to the money we spend on movie tickets and other entertainment programs. If Hollywood continue[s] its vicious, bigoted hate speech against those who simply hold different political views, then we don’t have to watch their films anymore,” stated Dan Weber, the AMAC president.

It’s not a good feeling when one of your favorite actors or singers says something ugly about the nominee you voted for, and it’s even worse when they say something ugly about you. You don’t want to support them anymore.

Liberal celebrities try to influence the American people to believe a certain way, thinking it will work not because they have good arguments but because we “look up to them.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but we don’t look up to you.

We do not and should not automatically admire those who get paid way too much money to cry on a TV screen. If you don’t stop spreading your hateful liberal narrative, we’ll just boycott your movies.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

I am really sick and tired from the Hollywood freaks. This is a dirty show of disrespect, agony, despair and hooliganism. The liberal hordes make our country look bad, they destroy the reputation of the USA, they destroy the tranquility in our everyday life. Sad, really sad. SHARE THIS POST IF YOU RESPECT THE US SENIOR POPULATION!