Breaking: Wikileaks Drops Mueller Bombshell, He Should Be Arrested After This


During the 2016 presidential campaign, WikiLeaks provided invaluable information about the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Even today, they haven’t stopped exposing the deepest secrets of Hillary and her ‘crew’.

Their latest leak is related to special counsel Robert Mueller, and we’re sure he won’t like it one bit.

There have been speculations from the start, but now it’s confirmed – Mueller is FAR from being independent. It has been revealed that, in 2009, Mueller flew to Russia in order to deliver ten grams of highly enriched uranium (HEU) to the Kremlin.

This is just another proof of the connections between Democrats and Moscow.

In early 2006, the Republic of Georgia seized the HEU during a sting operation involving a Russian national, then transferred it to U.S. custody.

After Georgia approved of a Russian request to see and sample some of this HEU, Mueller flew out Moscow in order to deliver the samples to a Russian counterpart.

The interesting thing is that the Republic of Georgia has long had a problem with jihadist terrorism. Since the eruption of the two wars in Chechnya, as well as the ongoing war in Dagestan, Georgia has been used as a hideout or a transit point by Chechen and other Caucasian Muslims.

Because of that, the US government created a program called Operation Enduring Freedom – Pankisi Gorge in 2002, which was designed to train and equip the Georgian military. This leaves open the possibility that the U.S. viewed this seized HEU as part of the ongoing War on Terror.

There’s even evidence that prove Mueller’s mission in 2009 was orchestrated by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and that he was involved in the handover of twenty-percent of America’s uranium supply to a Russian-owned energy company.

This is of course the shady business deal that earned the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars, reports Angry Patriot Movement.

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