Breaking: Witness to Major Hillary Clinton Crime Agrees To Testify


Major witness form Hillary Clinton’s case is going to testify. It is confirmed. The person who is willing to testify against Hillary Clinton and finally END the exhausting and absurd Russia investigation. We talk about the CEO of Fusion GPS, probably one of the KEY puzzles in solving the mystery.

This company, Fusion GPS is the “opposition research” company, established by RINOs and later taken over by the DNC, reports APM. What’s interesting about Fusion GPS is that NATALIA VESELINTSKAYA, the Russian attorney who was supposed to set up Donald Junior, was EMPLOYED by Fusion GPS.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch gave personally signed a document to make the Russian agent enter the USA (who was banned by the NSA). And that’s not all…

The CEO of Fusion GPS will testify on BRITISH COLLUSION. Actually, Fusion GPS literally DESTROYED BuzzFeed after they leaked alleged information about President Trump in Russian hotel urinating with prostitutes on the bed where Obama once slept.

It was quickly approved that this story is a fake news, and BuzzFeed’s reputation was ruined. However, behind this leak and many other leaks( fake news, fabricated stories ) stands the former MI 6 agent Christopher Steele.

Steele was hired by Hillary Clinton and he worked directly for the Democratic party. Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS is now called by the Senate Judiciary Committee and he is supposed to testify and tell the truth behind the “British collusion”.

This case will open the gate to the “Hillary emails world” where there are tens of thousands of compromising emails against the DNC. We will see what is going to happen. Let’s hope that these exhausting and unproductive(mostly) Senate Committee hearings will give us the truth.

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