BREAKING: You Won’t Believe WHO Signed Off On Wiretapping Trump – Democrats In SHOCK – TREASON

We all knew Obama’s administration was behind the illegal wiretapping of our president.

What we didn’t know though was which liberal specifically stood behind the sighing and it’s allowance. As a matter of fact it’s now clear as a day that (at the time) Attorney General Loretta Lynch is the traitor that let things to get this far and she must have signed off on the warrant allowing the Obama Administration to wiretap Donald Trump, via ABC News.

Two separate applications for the warrant were made, and Lynch had to put her name on both of them. The first was denied.

In and of itself, the denial of the first application means that Lynch must have some exceptionally bad judgment.

Only two warrant requests were denied by the FISA court since 2009. Over 10,700 requests were made in that time.

Clearly, the court really didn’t think spying on Donald Trump was a good idea, or met the standards for an ethical use of power.

A former NSA official turned ABC News contributor, Matt Olsen, said, “The fact that the government is successful in almost always getting approval is just an indication the government knows what the standard is.

If Olsen is correct, this means the Obama Administration was very aware that their request was going to be denied. So, then why try it? Perhaps they thought that the judges could be convinced. They were, eventually, after all.

There are eleven judges on the FISA court, and each one was appointed while Obama was still president. Perhaps that’s how they were swayed to give in on the matter? Do they feel like they owe Obama something?

Five of the judges were appointed for terms that won’t end until after Trump’s first term. It may take some time to drain this particular swamp. In the meantime, at least we know our new president is ethical and will not abuse his power.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

All things considered, it doesn’t come as surprise that Loretta Lynch is the responsible one for this huge treason of our president and country, as we are all well aware of all sorts of things these shameless liberals are capable of doing, and also remember that she was the one preaching for more violence on the streets. This act of treason MUST NOT go unpunished!