BREAKING:Bill O’Reilly Says He’ll Never Go on the Show ‘The View’ Again – Here’s WHY!


The mainstream media is proving how corrupted our system is. Our democracy and freedom of speech exist on paper only. In this brainwash factory, the so called mainstream media, you are only seen as a good person only and only if you share the same opinion as the reporters and their donors.

If you think different, if you are not a liberal or part of their brainwash factory- than you have fake news, various accusations and hate on your bill. Why? Because the wealthy donors of these media-corporations use them as a tool for population control

Bill O’Reilly raised his voice against these sick corporations. He said he is never going to be present on the View show. Look what he said:

“Enough,” O’Reilly said on “The O’Reilly Factor” after showing a clip of Behar. “These aren’t some clowns running around the entertainment division,” he said. “That’s ABC News. That’s a disgrace.”

“As you rightly point out, they moved them from entertainment to the news division because they thought the comparison would be more favorable in the ratings, but they lost about 300,000 viewers over the course of that time,” McCallum said. “It is interesting to note that Donald Trump has done very well in the recent polls we saw. His favorable ratings are up 17 points since August. They are out of step in hammering him across the board as they do on a daily basis.”

O’Reilly said he has no objection to them hammering Trump since they are liberals anyway. “But to say he is not right in the head, that’s disrespectful not only to the president-elect but to the whole process.That’s it,” he said. “No more ‘View’ for me.”

H/T NewsMax

That is the real solution a normal, mentally healthy person can do. The sickness of these media corp. are ugly as a vomit in top of the head of the common citizen. We let it happen. We are the tax payers and they earn profit from our money. At least, we deserve a proper and professional journalism.