Bret Baier Just Ripped Apart Every Disloyal GOP Who Didn’t Like Trump’s Immigration Speech


Some desperate, crazy people within Republican establishment circles, such as Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney and John Kasich, are still doing everything they can to try to discredit their own party’s nominee. They pretend their cause is “noble”, but their motivation is obvious: if Trump was somehow ousted, they’d be contenders to take his spot.

These sore losers just can’t seem to accept the fact that Trump WON, and they’d don’t get the fact that by opposing Trump they’re helping Hillary Clinton win. They’re insane.

Their latest attempted smear against Trump was to say that, by adjusting some of his ideas regarding stopping illegal immigration, he was somehow “flip-flopping.” These idiots can’t seem to understand that some things he said a long time ago might have to be changed for today, because world events keep changing. Trump is a well-informed person, and his policy ideas need to keep evolving to adapt with changing times.

Fox News reporter Bret Baier knows this, and commends Trump on staying tough against illegal immigrants while being flexible enough to adjust his ideas as new situations arise. Said Baier of Trump’s recent statements, “Well, they’re adding nuance. They’re adding nuance to what was a black-and-white campaign stump issue that was driving the base and now they’re saying this policy may be different. And I think that you might see that in a number of cut-and-dried statements that Donald Trump made along the way in the Republican primary, that as you get to the general election, you’re going to see some nuance.”

Thank you, Bret! Why are Trump’s opponents too dumb or stubborn to realize and appreciate this?