BRUTAL!!! Blogger Tells One HARD TRUTH About Hillary Clinton


Before the election, the liberal media was pushing the idea of Hillary Clinton being the “first woman president”, stating that if this “historic moment” occurred she would be an inspiration and a model for all young girls and women to strive to emulate.

But TheBlaze blogger Matt Walsh thought differently, and penned another of his brutal editorials exposing the real “historic” nature of Clinton’s nomination.

“If I were a woman, I would feel insulted that the first female ever to be nominated also happens to be a cruel, cold, calculating, ruthless, lying crook,” Walsh wrote. “If we’re going to give the distinction of ‘first woman nominee’ or, God forbid, ‘first woman president’ to anyone, she is, quite literally, the last woman in the country who deserves the honor.”

In his piece, Walsh proceeded to note some of the other “historic” firsts accomplished alongside Clinton’s nomination, such as the first nominee to be under an FBI investigation, the first nominee to wear a $13,000 jacket while delivering a speech on income inequality, the first nominee to spend decades silencing and intimidating the alleged rape and abuse victims of their spouse, and the first nominee to accept donations to a family foundation from foreign governments and corporate interests in exchange for political favors.

He also said that he did not see her as an acceptable model for young girls, like his daughter, to look up to and emulate. A liar shouldn’t encourage anyone. She also mistreated people working for her.

He exposed how Clinton was breaking the rules and regulations that would put ordinary people behind the bars. Again, breaking the law is not something we should look up to.

At the end he exposed Hillary for the corrupt law-breaking liar that she is, declaring her to be the exact opposite of what young people, especially little girls, should strive to be as they grow up.

Do you think exposing Hillary was a good idea?

H/T ConservativeTribune