BRUTAL: Former Congressman Joe Walsh: Obama Hates Israel ”Because He’s A…”


Barack Hussein Obama was troubled many times by the former congressman Joe Walsh, because he was brave enough to confront our ex-president in public and raise his voice against the wrongdoings of the White House. However, this time he is provoked by the last shocking scandal with Obama and his administration.  His disappointments are not result only by the domestic, but also by the foreign policy of Obama. Look what he said about Obama attacks on Israel:

We all have our reasons for why we think that President Barack Obama doesn’t like Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

One former Republican congressman may have come up with the most controversial reason yet: because he believes the president is Muslim.

In a Twitter rant Thursday, former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh — now a talk show host — said that he believed the reason for Obama’s dislike of the Jewish state is because he’s a secret follower of Islam.

“For the past week, everybody has been asking again why Obama hates Israel,” Walsh said. “The answer is simple really: I think Obama is Muslim.”


“I’ve been saying that for awhile now. It makes the GOP uneasy when I say he’s a Muslim. It makes my radio stations uneasy when I say it. I say it because I believe it,” Walsh continued.

Walsh also said he wasn’t the only person who believed that way.

“Look, I know there are many other radio talk show hosts, many other members of Congress, many other Fox News personalities who privately believe Obama is Muslim but are afraid to say it publicly in fear of losing ratings,” he said.

“For better or worse, I’m not afraid to say it publicly. I think Obama is Muslim. I think in his head and in his heart he has always been,” Walsh continued. “And I think it explains Obama’s hatred toward Israel and explains his weakening of America these past eight years. It’s not complicated.”

“Under (Barack Obama), Iran gets a deal and Israel gets screwed,” Walsh continued. “Face it: Obama hates Israel.”

Now, we certainly don’t endorse this man’s beliefs about the president’s religion. However, what we wanted to point out is that his administration’s policies towards our greatest ally are so unlike any of his predecessors that it gives rise to talk like this.

We’ve seen everything from alleged transcripts of a meeting we don’t even know existed between the Obama administration and the Palestinian Authority to accusations like this. Americans want to know what caused the president to knife the Jewish state and American ally in the back.

The answer, to my mind, is simple: He really is that liberal, and has such a different view of the world as to facilitate heinous decisions such as the one made at the Security Council one week ago.

However, Joe Walsh won’t be the first one to harbor further suspicions about the motives behind Obama’s perfidy, and he certainly won’t be the last.

H/T Conservative Tribune

In fact, people, it does not matter what is Obama’s religion. I don’t think he respects any religion, but only cash. It is simple- he fought Iran, he fought Assad- now Israel is the target. It is all about the money and power that he gained, on the other hand, he is always there to satisfy his wealthy liberal donors/sponsors. We need permanent changes in our society! We must not let this kind of people lead us!