BUSTED: Judge Who Ordered Michigan Recount Has Direct Connection To Obama! Media SILENT!


The axis of evil is sharp and bloody! The Illuminati, the wealthiest people in the world are not going to let Donald Trump become the new president of the USA. These Devil servants with their favourite little girl Hilary and their ,,black hole” Obama decided to make a HUGE vote fraud! Every Judge, every officer, every greedy politician- they can put in their pocket,can’t they?!

After Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, at the moment they are working on their sick agenda and it seems they are successful. Florida is next! They just can not stop!

If you’re asking yourself how they do this-the answer is simple- they are rotten and corrupted as hell! Judge Bridget Mary McCormack was the key player in Jill Stein evil game. She kicked in and suddenly Michigan makes recount. Look whom is she related to :

“McCormack is married to University of Michigan Law School professor Steven P. Croley, currently on leave serving in the Obama Administration as a deputy White House counsel. The couple has four children.”

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source: Wikipedia

Very well… This is suspicious if we try to judge her, but if we see what are these sick people doing, how they manipulate and how they work- this could be nothing but the truth. CORRUPTION! Nepotism is a modern form of social violence. It suits the liberals because they have the strongest sponsors imaginable- the wealthiest people that control 90% of all money and resources- the NWO. Their realm was build on the basis of corruption, manipulation and blackmailing. May god help us all! May god bless Donald Trump the REAL AND ONLY WINNER!

h/t TheTruthDivision