BUSTED! Trump Just Caught Top Obama’s Iranian Spy At WH- You Will Love What He Did Next


While the deep state works day and night to sabotage the President, the patriots strike back even harder! Trump just caught Obama’s spy and the things are getting even messier. Obama made the worst deal of the century and he put our country in a really bad position compared to Iran, but the things are going to change soon…

Many of the Obama holdovers are attempting to obstruct President Trump, but a former National Security Advisor has a dark connection.

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, the former Iran Director from Obama’s National Security Council behind the failed Iran deal, has been caught sneaking into the Trump administration. She was forced to resign after her connection to Iran was revealed earlier this week. (via Politico).

Nowrouzzadeh’s shady past was uncovered by investigative journalists and raised important questions about how an Iranian loyalist was able to shape American-Iranian policy.

The motivation behind the inexplicable Iran deal becomes clear if it was designed by an Iranian agent.

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was the architect behind the failed Iran deal. She is a former employee of the Nation Iranian-America Council (NIAC), a non-profit group suspected of being a lobbying group for the Islamic republic of Iran.

The Iran deal was designed to prevent the Islamic dictatorship from developing nuclear weapons. In reality, it does the opposite. Experts estimate Iran will be able to develop nuclear weapons within the decade.Iran was gifted $150 billion for accepting the favorable deal. The massive sum of money was granted to the leading state sponsor of terrorism, essentially rewarding their merciless attacks.

This means that the architect behind the disastrous Iran deal is an Iranian, who started her career as a lobbyist for the Iranian government, and has close ties to the president of Iran.

The fact that an Iranian agent was able to infiltrate the highest levels of government indicates one of two things. Either Obama was completely fooled and taken advantage of by a capable spy, or he appointed her knowing she was an Iranian agent to help spread Islam.

You can tell this scandal is huge because a Democrat actually resigned. With the shelter provided by the press, Democrats have proved capable of weathering any storm. A resignation indicates that this is bigger than it appears and that Nowrouzzadeh is attempting to slink away before more connections are uncovered.

Nowrouzzadeh was moved to the State Department under the final months of the Obama administration with the hopes she would go unnoticed.

Thanks to investigations by the conservative media and a quick response from President Trump, a major threat has been eliminated from the White House.

H/T Angry Patriot Movement

Obama did a great favor to Iran. That’s clear. Why? I don’t even want to open that topic now. However, Donald Trump is doing everything “by the book”. That means the globalists are unable to fight against him anymore, and their insiders are getting kicked out of the institutions really fast. A new era started and you can not stop it! WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND DRAIN THE SWAMP!