California Billboard Depicting Trump As Hitler Taken Down, The Author Is Furious!


The American society is truly divided like never before in the modern American history. Leftists are successful in their mission to keep the status quo and divide the nation even more, but their little minions all over the country are starting to lose control. Ultra-liberal artist made an insulting billboard of President Trump depicted as Adolf Hitler. Of course, the author describes Trump as a Nazi, but obviously, the woman who stands behind the billboard is just another brainwashed liberal.

A trendy second-hand store in Chico, California erected a billboard depicting President Donald Trump as Adolf Hitler this week. It was removed within a day after local residents complained, triggering the woman responsible for creating it. In an angry Facebook Live video, she raged at those who opposed it in a bizarre rant that included attacks on Christians and Republicans.

The shop, Rouse & Revolt Fashion, takes vintage clothing and sells it at a premium to liberal hipsters. It’s a pretty lucrative business, apparently, as the company often advertises with politically-charged billboards. Their latest ad, however, sparked an outcry, and generated a response the shop was not expecting.

The billboard showed President Trump in a Nazi uniform, flanked by two nuclear bomb “mushroom clouds” and an insignia that resembles a swastika. An image of the billboard is featured below.

KRCR ABC 7 in California has more details.

The billboard hangs at the corner of Third Avenue and Mangrove Avenue.

Rouse & Revolt released a statement about the billboard, saying “We support equality, we support equal rights, we support a woman’s right to her own body, we support DACA, we support universal health care, we support gay people in any place they live. We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all genders and we not only stand with you, we kneel with you as well.”

The clothing store has been receiving heated responses from people who have seen the sign. Some calling it “a disgraceful display” and saying that the business will “feel it financially.” One person said he liked the business’ Facebook page because of the sign.

Here are images of the billboard.

Trump billboard

Trump billboard

After a large outcry from the public, the advertising company that put the billboard up removed it within a day. The outrage, according to local media, came even from people who don’t support President Trump, but feel the Nazi depiction was taking it too far.

Here is a Facebook live video of Nicholle Haber Lewis, the store owner who created the billboard, responding to it being taken down. She is not happy.

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE. Note: explicit language and vulgarity.

Her random observations include “We are not what we do…we are how we act.” Don’t ask us to explain what that means. Warning: the language is explicit at times.

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Wow! Such an arrogance… Some people really need to see a specialist and ask for help. Her billboard was offending. Democrats just don’t want to understand that their fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS chose Trump to be the President of all Americans in a fair and democratic election, confirmed as legitimate from both sides. Please spread this story- there’s already existing initiative for a boycott of her store.