California Plans To Deliver Millions Of Voter IDs To Illegals


Who would’ve thought that after everything they did in California, they’re going to use another try to make even bigger voter fraud in 2018? The liberal leftists are crossing the line again. Millions of voter IDs will be illegally delivered to the illegal immigrants to continue the social, political and economic terror in the Golden State.

The Rasmussen Report is reporting California is on track to issue nearly a million driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants by the end of the year.

California, one of 12 U.S. states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, is on track to issue nearly a million such licenses by the end of the year. But most voters continue to oppose licenses for illegals in the state they live in.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and the online survey finds that just 28% of Likely U.S. voters think illegal immigrants should be eligible for driver’s licenses in their state, although that’s up from 22% in 2013 and is the highest level of support measured in surveys since 2007. Sixty-one percent (61%), however, continue to oppose giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses where they live. Eleven percent (11%) remain undecided.
This is impossible. This is against the Constitution of this country and it’s UNFAIR. We all have to remember that California has 53 HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES! That’s why they’re pushing so hard in this state… Texas comes next… Please spread this all across the social media.