CAUGHT AGAIN! Fox News Host Catches New Senate Democrat Leader In ONE ENORMOUS LIE He Simply Can’t Escape!


Two days before, on the Fox News channel appeared one of the biggest Democrat leaders and NY senator-Chuck Schumer. This guy had very interesting interview and it is a real eye catcher. Like his other colleagues from the party, Schumer fought against Donald Trump and the republicans with full force. He used his tricks and lies to earn some points within the black campaign against the elect president. He talked a lot about the ,,nuklear option” and its use, but he is not so brave now when his nominee lost the battle.

“It’s a new world. People demand action. The old rules need to be modified, and that’s what we have done today,” the New York senator said. This statement is while his friend Obama was resident in the White House. However this flip-flop game came to an end because now he is hiding from his previous past words. This is how the reporter Chris Wallace thwart Schumers and his lies:

“Last month when it looked like Hillary Clinton was going to win, you refused to close the door on extending the nuclear option to filibusters of Supreme Court nominees.”

“So, if it’s fair for you, why isn’t it fair for the Republicans?” Wallace asked.

Schumer smiled, clearly recognizing he had been caught in his hypocrisy, and acknowledged that Wallace had his facts right: “Correct. … What I said at the time is I hope we won’t get to it.”

This is what he said about his replacement and the new president of the USA Donald Trump:

“I would hope first and foremost that President Trump nominates a mainstream nominee capable of getting bipartisan support,” and continued –“If he does, then we’ll give it just a very, very thorough vetting, but we won’t ipso facto say no. If it’s out of the mainstream, yes, we’re going to fight that nominee tooth and nail,” he added without denying that might include a filibuster.

Watch the full video here:

Well this is politics. People say stuff, lie and manipulate, do things for regret. But this is serious, this is heavy hit to the image of US institutions. Are you happy that this kind of men ruled our country for so long ? We need change, we need honest leaders!


H/T WesternJournalism