Chaffetz Sent His Message To The Leakers- No More Good Trump!

Jason Chaffetz is getting serious! After Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice already announced that they caught the leaker, the brave patriot sends a huge warning to all leakers. We won’t tolerate stupid liberals who work on made up stories to compromise the president. We won’t let the shadow government use and trade classified documents. Read the report below:

Finally one of the leakers has been discovered and immediately the Department of Justice is acting and pressing charges on the federal contractor Reality L. Winner.

She was able to print out classified information at the DOJ and simply walk out and hand it to a reporter that then released it without question.

The NSA and DOJ claim that they have safeguards in place to stop this but with all of the leaks that come out seemingly every week, those promises have been proven wrong time and time again.

That is where Jason Chaffetz stepped in during his appearance on Fox News earlier tonight.

Chaffetz wasn’t messing around and immediately went for the throat of these leakers that think that they can get away with handing out classified information.

His response to the exposing of Reality Winner and the leakers that are still out there was simple.


“I want people in handcuffs.”

And this is exactly what should happen. No matter what party you belong to or what your problem is with the president, leaking classified information is a serious crime and should be punished with the full force of the law.

Chaffetz also brought up the lack of safeguards or the apparent lack of them with the ease that this classified information was leaked.

If a government contractor can walk in print out classified documents and then hand them to a reporter that should know better, these safeguards either don’t exist or aren’t working.

It is time to plug the holes that these leakers are leaving and make sure they are all caught and brought to justice.

H/T Liberty Writers News

Good interview, Mr. Chaffetz. We have to end this madness. I told you that we’re going to finally bring some justice in our country. Our judiciary system is rotten and Donald Trump should focus more on bringing back standards. This is the beginning, we will catch them all!