CHILLING: Obama Makes Announcement About ‘World Order


Barack Obama was a strong supporter of Hilary Clinton since the beginning of her campaign. After the end of the elections, Obama did not show any sympathies, but responded with arrogance, behaved immature and shamed himself. Obama does not respect American people, obviously, despite the fact that the same voters in the same way, voted him twice. While he was resident in the White House horrible things happened to our nation. Instead of accepting his mistakes and leave in peace, Obama shows ignorance to everything mr.Donald Trump said and explained. Look what he just said in his latest speech in Peru:

In terms of reflecting on the United States presidency as I have been traveling, I think the main reflection I have and the main advice that I give to the incoming president is, the United States really is an indispensable nation in our world order. 

I say that as somebody who has gone out of his way to express respect for every country and its people and to consistently acknowledge that many of the challenges we face are not challenges that America can solve on our own. But what I also know that the basic framework of the world order coming out of World War II and then on through the end of the Cold War, was shaped by a set of ideals and principles that have worked for the vast majority of people not just in America but around the world. 

The notion of democracy. And rule of law. And a free press. And independent judiciary. And open markets. And a social welfare state to moderate some of the sharp edges of capitalism. And, you know, lifting up issues of human rights and investing in public health and development not just in our own borders but elsewhere in the world. And working with multilateral institutions, like the United Nations, making sure we’re upholding international norms and rules. 

Well this is pity. So much about freedom and democracy- things that you(Democrats) never hold by to. You control the mainstream media, you control the corporations, you control the services and you still talk about breaking civil rights? Private servers, espionage, ruined economy, country stormed by illegal immigrants,causing riots with huge damage, burn the national flag… This is freedom and democracy for you?


H/T WebDaily