Clinton Foundation Server HACKED – Discovered MILLIONS In Fraud

We all know what the Clinton’s are capable of. We speak about one of the most notorious high power criminal gangs in the world. Protected by the wealthy bankers of the Illuminati and sworn to accomplish the liberal dream and agenda, thee family works for year on destructing this world. It seems that their secrets are finally revealed- the Clinton server has been hacked!

It is not a joke! They are wealthy powerful and pretty well connected. They had Obama as their closest ally and so many corporations, including the mainstream-media brainwashing factories. Trust me people, we have not seen it all. It seems that their felonies are endless. Read the article above about how are Hillary’s private servers hacked and what was she hiding from us all the time:

We’ve been awaiting the highly anticipated Wikileaks announcement for about a week now, but we know that Julian Assange delayed the release of the supposed bombshell files on Hillary Clinton. Apparently that’s too long for another hacker to wait.

Infamous hacker, named Guccifer 2.0 hacked his way into the Clinton Foundation databases and uncovered some of the most damning evidence to date of the Clinton corruption. Here’s his message below and he got impatient and did some digging himself.


“Many of you have been waiting for this, some even asked me to do it. So, this is the moment. I hacked the Clinton Foundation server and downloaded hundreds of thousands of docs and donors’ databases.”

And here’s what he uncovered.


So it’s a bunch of numbers. Here’s what all that means.

When Barack Obama demanded that congress approves more bailouts in 2009-11, it seems the big banks through the Clinton Foundation offered kickbacks to Democratic politicians, including crooked Hillary, to make sure the bailout was approved.

Somehow crooked Hillary also aided the big banks to bribe Democrat politicians. Guccifer wrote, “DEMOCRATS FUNNELED TARP FUNDS BACK TO THEIR PACS! That’s taxpayer bailout money that went right to the pockets of Democrat PACs!”

Yup. That’s right. Our money went right to the Democrats and their shady, back handed, back alley deals with the big banks. How are these people still running this country?

“Hillary Clinton and her staff don’t even bother about the information security. It was just a matter of time to gain access to the Clinton Foundation server. It looks like big banks and corporations agreed to donate to the Democrats a certain percentage of the allocated TARP funds.”

This is exactly why we cannot allow this kind of corruption and fraudulent practice to continue in Washington. America is floundering and we have only the Democrats to thank.

H/T Proud Cons

Hillary Clinton, you and your husband are not invincible. You will face some charges sooner or later. We are not liberal puppets, american people are awake! We will not witness your corruption and hypocrisy anymore. We are proud to stand our ground and fight. Every confrontation with your clan is an act of patriotism because you are public enemies. We will make America great again!