CNN Snake Pulls ‘Black Card’ On Black Republican, Watch All Hell Breaks Loose


The black racism is a stupid phenomenon just like white racism. The era of slavery is long gone and in the past 10.000 years of civilization, the white people had been slaves for most of the time. And also, the black and Arab people held the slave trade for centuries.

You had racism and slavery all over the world. In Cina and Java, India, Europe etc. Now we live in a different time, but SOME PEOPLE(who REALLY WANT TO BE THE SLAVE OWNERS OF THE 21TH CENTURY) are still using race baits and this behavior makes our society look ‘unhealthy’.

The mainstream media, especially CNN, is the strongest propagator of racism, mostly black, but also pulling the white racism card when needed. However, something powerful happened on this channel and you deserve to see this:

During a live broadcast aired on CNN on Monday, Democrat supporter Keith Boykin called into question the “blackness” of black Republican commentator Paris Dennard.

Mr. Dennard, who served as the Director of Black Outreach in the George W. Bush White House reacted with anger as Boykin attempted to race-shame him.

Allegations of “Uncle Tom” behavior are often hurled by left-wing activists as a means to silence or shame minorities who lean conservative. Recently, the phenomenon spread to Muslims or ex-Muslims who find their political allegiances on the right of the political spectrum.

Despite the network hosts earlier urging Ken Cuccinelli to apologize for telling another contributor to “shut up” during a discussion, anchor Brooke Baldwin made no attempt to get Boykin to apologize for his on-air racism.

Speaking about the Charlottesville violence, Boykin baited Dennard, stating: “I’m ashamed that you as an African-American, Paris, will not say [that President Trump has not done enough].

Dennard began to respond: “Keith, I don’t need you to try and pull my black card. I am well aware of my blackness and don’t need you to try and classify me as being one”.

At this point, Boykin interjected, “Are you?” Calling Dennard’s blackness into question.

“Keith, don’t go there,” responded a visibly perturbed Dennard. “Do not go there. I know what it means to be a black person in this country. I have experienced racism on a regular basis, by being a Trump supporter, and by being a proud American who happens to be a Republican. I get racist comments about my family. About my mother. About my girlfriend. About my character. Every single day and mostly coming from black people”.

Boykin then condescended Dennard, telling him to “calm down” over the racist remark.

“I won’t calm down,” said Dennard. “I will not be attacked by you about my blackness because I happen to be a Republican.

Earlier in the day, the network asked Republican Ken Cuccinelli to apologize to Bernie Sanders supporter Symone D. Sanders after she continuously shouted over him during an on-air discussion.

H/T Breitbart

CNN-such a disgrace! Let’s show support for this brave black Republican and SHARE this story! UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!