After CNN’s Anthony Bourdain Threatened Trump, Jesse Waters Told Him One Thing That Will RUIN His Career


Jesse Waters is officially fed on the liberal media propaganda and their little puppets who are not afraid to say even the worst and the scariest things about President Trump.

Anthony Bourdain is the famous CNN chef who became even more famous in the past couple of days after he made a vicious comment about President Trump.

Bourdain was asked what would’ve he given President Trump to eat and his answer was disgusting, he said HEMLOCK. Cold-blooded he actually said that he would’ve poisoned the President of the USA if he had the chance.

You have to know that he is a CELEBRITY. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars only by his appearance. When Katty Griffin ‘decapitated’ President Trump she defended herself that it was her way of artistic expression. What is Bourdain going to say about this?

He didn’t even try to apologize. However, Jesse Waters has some bad news for him. To be part of the media is a privilege, at first, and also a huge responsibility. It seems that a professional like Waters was supposed to teach Bourdain a lesson.


Waters said, “I think wanting to hurt the President is a job requirement over at CNN… Think about if a Fox News anchor said something about assassinating President Obama. That would be the head of the new york times, on all the network newscasts.

But he wasn’t done there. He went on to point out other SICK examples of liberal media double standards. One was just last week when famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence said the hurricane was sent to punish Trump voters. This is a FAMOUS liberal actress cheering on the death and destruction of a hurricane because it was killing Trump voters. Waters pointed out that NO news network covered those comments OR Bourdain’s comments.

He made a good comment about Jennifer Lawrence too. She really crossed the line when she said that about the Hurricane victims in Texas, and that wasn’t her first ‘stunt’. She’s full of hate and her mission is to spread the hatred.

Do you agree with Jesse Waters? CNN is a huge disappointment.