CONFIRMED: Top Anti-Trump Lawyer Goes Under Investigation… KEEP DRAINING


Well, well, well… Look what we have here. One of the loudest ANTI-TRUMP antagonists is now under a two bar investigation.

Can you guess who are we talking about? Probably not because there is so many of them TRUMP HATERS so it’s simply hard to guess.

It’s about Gloria Allred. She was a real TRUMP HATER and she dedicated her life completely to the liberal cause. She is a feminist and she works for the deep state’s propaganda (directly or not).

However, she is under investigation and it’s official:


This happens when you refuse to show respect for your country and for the Oval Office.

The liberals went too far with their narrative. Even before Trump entered the oval office, way before… Now, they have to face the furious fist of justice.

What do you think, is this the beginning of a strong and justified attack against the crooked enemies working against the American values?