Congress DESTROYS Obama With The Biggest Christmas NIGHTMARE – He Can’t Escape Now


This Christmas was one of the worst for Obama. If we see the latest predictions, Obama is loosing it, because he makes irrational moves that ruin our reputation and open difficult problems for our administration. However, our ex-president completely lost the support from the congress. Now, everybody is aware what Obama is capable of and the congress is going to prevent Obama from any other failures.

Despite the fact that he only has a few weeks left in office, Barack Hussein Obama is trying to go out with a bang by passing as many executive orders as possible with the goal of putting up roadblocks to make the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency more difficult. He has chosen to do this despite the fact that George W. Bush bent over backwards to make his own transition as smooth as possible.

Now, Congress is fighting back against Obama and taking a stand for Trump. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy just teamed up with 21 other committee chairs to write a letter demanding that Obama stop this nonsense.

“Should you ignore this counsel, please be aware that we will work with our colleagues to ensure that Congress scrutinizes your actions—and, if appropriate, overturns them—pursuant to the Congressional Review Act,” McCarthy wrote.

He added that his letter was inspired by a 2009 letter written by Obama’s then-Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel, who wrote a similar letter to the Bush administration. This comes as the Obama administration has indicated that they will NOT cease issuing executive orders before he leaves office.

“We have the opportunity to return to commonsense principles of regulation and curb unnecessary government interference in the private sector,” the senators wrote. “In doing so, we will grow the economy, create jobs, and above all, help the people who have been overlooked in the past. To this end, we respectfully request you honor the will of the American people and refrain from working on or issuing any new, non-emergency regulations while carrying out your remaining term in office.

H/T MRC Blog

WOW! Obama lost on all fronts. There is nothing you can do, Obama. You and your dear partner Hillary failed to create a liberal kingdom in the USA just like your sponsors did in so many western european countries. We will never surrender! Good job people from the congress, we have to protect America all as one. Donald Trump will soon change everything. We will make America great again!