Congressional Black Caucus Just Got The Last News They Wanted to Hear


Every organization that works against the racial unity in the USA must be terminated. Some people will say that the black caucus represents the black minority and fights for the rights of the African-American people, but the ones who claim this are just ignorant.

The black caucus is just another “money laundering” organization in service of Obama’s deep state. The real fighters for the rights of the African-American people stand behind Donald Trump and support the unity of ALL AMERICANS.

The ones who fight for the human rights of the black Americans, fight for the human rights of the white, latino, Asian and all others. Do you know why? BECAUSE RACISM EXISTS, AND IT’S NOT BLACK OR WHITE- IT’S GLOBALIST TYRANTS AGAINST WE, THE PEOPLE.

A new petition may determine the end of the Black Caucus. Patriots are cheering.

A new White House petition has been created in a bid to abolish the Congressionally Black Caucus. The petition claims the group promotes racial division and fuels tension.

From OANN:

In a bid to stop identity politics, a new White House petition aimed at abolishing the Congressional Black Caucus has begun circulating.

A petition was created on Monday, saying the CBC stokes racial division, and its mere existence fuels the tension.

it also denounces the notion that African Americans need a special legislative body to protect them from the government.

The petition argues the caucus uses rhetoric, which works against racial unity and therefore must be abolished.

This is a great initiative. We have to create all-American Caucus that is going to fight against ELITISM and George Soros with his ‘tentacles’ infiltrated in every segment of our society.
This is how the REAL RESISTANCE begins. This is not petition against the African-American people, this is a petition against one tool of the tyranny, a tool which helped Soros and Obama increase the racial division like never before in the past 50 years.