Congressman Flicks Trey Gowdy’s Ear During Live CNN Shot- WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Trey Gowdy is the STRONGEST representative and a patriotic whip against the traitors. He shows elegance and perfection. Even when he needs to deal with some really unpleasant situations, his concentration, and professionalism. Anybody who decided to go against this guy… Well, they quickly realize they’re doing a big mistake…

Going up against Trey Gowdy is never a good idea.

Just ask FBI Director Comey about that.

Still not convinced?

Check out what just happened on live television.

From BizPac Review:

Rep. Sean Duffy demonstrated on live TV just how focused House colleague Trey Gowdy is when, in the midst of a CNN interview, Duffy flicked the South Carolina Republican’s ear as he walked past.

Gowdy’s answer to CNN host Wolf Blitzer‘s question on “The Situation Room” didn’t falter, he didn’t turn around and he barely blinked. In the words of Wisconsin Republican Duffy, Gowdy didn’t “even skip a beat.”

That’s some serious focus.


H/T Young Conservatives

I am mad at Senator Duffy only by watching this video, believe it or not! But look at Trey Gowdy, this man is a real professional and strong-willed person. We should be happy to know that we have a guy to protect our rights, THIS AWESOME! Nobody should mess around with Gowdy.