Conservatives CHEER After Judge Jeanine Uses 1 BRUTAL Word To Sum Up Obama’s “Legacy”


There’s one thing we know that President Barack Obama actually cares about, and that’s his legacy. Judge Jeanine Pirro summed up that legacy in one word that will certainly not make the president happy: “weak.”

Pirro was on “Fox & Friends” Friday where she discussed the recent terror attack in Nice, France, that killed at least 84 people, and what the world must do to combat radical Islamic terrorism.

She echoed the feelings of many when she said that the problem was top down. America has suffered from a lack of leadership and a president that she called an “apologist.”

Remember Obama’s apology tour? Pirro was spot on here — we have a president who has been more concerned with apologizing for America than keeping us safe.

Pirro also referenced Obama’s now infamous comments calling the Islamic State group a “JV team” and how the radical terror organization has been able to proliferate under his weak leadership.

Steve Doocy asked Pirro what the president’s legacy looked like after the recent string of terror attacks.

“Weak!” she answered. “One word: weak. Not connected … He doesn’t have a plan; he doesn’t have a policy. He should be in academia.”

“They just want to kill us. How dumb are we?” she added. “Newt is right, we’re sheep saying, “Why are the wolves killing us?’ Or ‘Be nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad.’ Baloney!”

Unlike President Obama, Pirro actually offered some concrete suggestions for America could do to combat radical Islamic terrorism, such as mosque surveillance, a declaration of war and policies to stop imams from radicalizing prison inmates.

Although Pirro noted that her strategies may not be politically correct, one thing was abundantly clear after eight years of failed Obama administration policies — political correctness is making us less safe.

It’s clear that we need leadership that recognizes what the threat is — radical Islamic terrorism — and has the guts to fight it the way it needs to be fought to protect American lives.

As Judge Jeanine Pirro said, that person isn’t likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — and hopefully voters recognize that in November.

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