The Critics Are LOSING THEIR MINDS Over This White Dress Melania Wore on Easter Sunday- ISN’T SHE GORGEOUS

What Melania Trump wore on Easter will make your JAW DROP! She is so beautiful, so classy, so PROUD! This is a First Lady like we’ve ever wanted to have. The fashion critics simply love her dress as she proved once again that she’s a fashion icon. The dark days are behind- we have pure beauty in the WH- WATCH PEOPLE, WATCH AND ENJOY!

The first lady wore a stunning white dress as she attended services at Bethesda-by-the-Sea, the Palm Beach church where she and Donald Trump were married in 2005.

Oh.. She is amazing!  What do you think people? Say it out loud! DON’T YOU THINK MELANIA IS BECOMING A FASHION ICON? The liberal leftists may drown in despair!