Damning Michelle Video Surfaces, Caught Disrespecting American Flag Amidst National Anthem Protesters


WHOA! You won’t believe what your former First Lady did. Michelle Obama will lose what’s left of her reputation after her unexpected anti-American reaction. In the report below you can see the true face of the former First Family and how they feel about the national symbols of this country.

During a rally in Alabama on Friday night, President Donald Trump unloaded on members of the NFL who kneel during the national anthem and encouraged his supporters to boycott until the football players stop with this nonsense. NFL players then responded by protesting the national anthem in numbers that nobody has ever seen before, with over 130 joining the protest over the weekend.

In the wake of this shameful attack on patriotism, a clip has surfaced that shows just what little respect Michelle Obama has for the American flag. Like these race-baiting NFL players, Michelle has no love for the U.S., and she showed this numerous times when she was living in the White House.

This clip comes from a ceremony honoring victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. As police and firefighters fold the American flag to the sound of marching bagpipers, Michelle could be seen turning to her husband and whispering, “All this for a damn flag.” Barack Obama then nods his head in agreement with Michelle, showing that he hates the American flag as well.

Experts with the School for the Deaf and Blind read Michelle’s lips and confirmed that she did indeed say, “All this for a damn flag.”

After watching this clip, it should come as no surprise that anti-America sentiments spread through the U.S. like wildfire during the Obama presidency.

H/T PoliticsFlow

This is the heavy rock bottom of Michelle Obama. Please spread this story on Facebook and Twitter. After years of acting, she reveals her true face- the face of a globalist. As you can see on the Antifa protest, they have no flags, they burn the national flag instead while waving communist/anarchist banners. So sad… What’s your response?