Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Reported In 19 States, Popular Fruit Recalled


The suicidal communistic policy of importing food from foreign countries for extremely low costs has now shown its real face. When some gigantic corporations spread their tentacles in the third world countries that opened many ways for various trade deals.

The USA is the largest food producer in the world, but anyway, we still import chicken and eggs from China and fruit with questionable quality from Mexico. Now, we have to fight salmonella. Read the report below:

There is a reason why America has strict food safety rules – because bad food can literally kill you.

Which is why both the left and right sides of the American political spectrum have watched in horror as more and more of our food supply is imported.

From low wages countries like China and Mexico who, if they even have rules for food safety, don’t enforce them like we do.

Cheap goods come at a cost.

We destroyed our middle class with cheap Nike shoes from China and now we are ruining our health with imported Chinese chickens.

If you knew were imported a ton of chicken and eggs from China would you ever eat it?

Well we do and they try to keep it secret.

Like they do fruit coming out of Mexico.

That can kill a fellow right quick if he is unlucky.

And that is what they would have us do – hope for luck and close our eyes when we eat.

I thought we got rid of all the hope and luck when we sent Obama packing?

Thirty-two more salmonella cases, including 10 hospitalizations, linked to yellow Maradol papayas from Mexico have been reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This brings the number of people affected to 141 across 19 states resulting in one death and 45 total hospitalizations.

The salmonella outbreak has been traced  to Maradol papayas from the Carica de Campeche farm in Mexico.

They are sold under the brand names Caribeña, Cavi and Valery.

The CDC and the US Food and Drug Administration are urging consumers to not eat papayas from the farm or from the brands Caribeña, Cavi and Valery. The companies have issued a recall.

But it is hard for consumers to tell which brand of Papaya they are consuming because, well, they are papaya’s and don’t have packaging.

The states affected so far are: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.As the CDC says, “When in doubt, don’t eat, sell, or serve papayas; just throw them out.”

H/T WorldNewsPolitics

What do you think about this? Are you still going to support a ban on imported food products from third world countries? We need standards and good quality, that comes before the prize.