Deadly Terrorist Attack On Ariana Grande’s Concert

SPECIAL REPORT: In Manchester, England, the UNTHINKABLE happened! It seems that Europe is plagued by terrorist attacks. In this huge English city, on Ariana Grande’s concert, two explosions and several gunshots are being reported all around the world. The victim’s number also confirmed. This is another sad day for Europe…


2 loud explosions several potential gunshots have been reported at the concert of pop star Ariana Grande.

The Manchester Police have now confirmed a number of fatalities and injuries. ArianaGrande herself made it out unharmed.One of the concert goers released this footage of people fleeing the show.



No attackers have been arrested and no official reason has been given although the signs all point towards a terror attack.

Police in the area have shut down public transportation and sealed off the subway.

A fleet of ambulances arrived on scene to help deal with the carnage.

H/T Liberty Writers News

We will update the story as soon as the security officials from Manchester make their official statement. Meanwhile, we can only speculate who did this, but this looks like a classic terrorist attack in a large crowd. This is really sad… May God protect those innocent people there… Pray for them.