Dear LORD! Roseanne Barr Just Spoke The TRUTH About Liberals And BLEW UP The Internet!



Conservative actress Roseanne Barr went after the liberal elites Monday after they would not stop attacking President Donald Trump. She made the comment that liberals are attacking Trump only because they are still mad about Hillary Clinton losing the election.

Now that Trump is keeping to his word and cutting the United States budget, liberals are all up in arms. They have not seen cuts like this for more than 8 years, so they do not really know how to accept it.

Roseanne pointed out that the attacks on President Trump are attacks on American voters, because they are the ones that elected him into office.

This is great to see A-list celebrities starting to stick up for President Trump. Too many Hollywood elites just follow the crowd and bash Trump for anything he does, but Barr has found a way out.

President Trump will continue to cut the budget to the point that this country needs. Americans are tired of being trillions of dollars in debt.

Obama ruined the economy and Trump is having to take over a huge debt. People are attacking President Trump for everything he does, but who are the ones that voted for him?

The American people chose our next President and it is time they start standing by his decisions no matter what. Trump is trying to make this country great again but it will be hard if he does not have the support of his voters.

What do you think of Roseanne Barr telling off these liberal voters? Did you agree with her statement that Americans voted for Trump? Share if you agree!

H/T Worldpoliticus