Democrats Announced They Will Ask For Impeachment

IT’S HAPPENING! In the latest reports from the conservative pundits and the social media something disgusting is prepared for Trump today. We must not miss this- it’s about America, about our future and about how the liberal oppressors want to overthrow Trump’s government. Read more below:

Well, here it comes!  The moment we’ve all been waiting for…

The Democrats Intend to Call for the Impeachment of President Trump on the House floor today! 

They’ve been wanting to impeach him since the very day they all lost their minds…on election day when he won the office of the POTUS!

Democrat Al Green has tweeted that he intends to call for President Trump’s impeachment this morning:

Green initially said he wanted to wait a few weeks to seek impeachment but it seems he’s decided to jump the gun and go for it today.  According to him (any obviously the media of which he is a sheep) President Trump has obstructed justice in the ongoing investigation of alleged ties between his Presidential campaign and Russia.

What is impeachment?  It’s where the House of Representatives brings charges of misconduct against a President.  That’s it…they allege he did something wrong.  It’s up to the Senate, by a 2/3 vote, to convict him of said allegations.  That’s hard to achieve, ya’ll.

We all know the Democrats have gotten fully engulfed in the media blood frenzy against Trump.  They start salivating at innuendo and conjecture, just hoping something will stick. Like this alleged Comey “memo.”  Things are moving fast in DC, but, as of this writing, no one has actually seen it!  Geez!!!

Get ready, guys.  Things have been very ugly and they are about to get worse.  We’ve got to keep up our support for our President.

H/T Liberty Writers News

We MUST NOT let them do this! The American people from the 50 states voted Trump to be their president, and the corrupted liberal leftist are not powerful enough to fight against the American people.