Democrats Are Going To Scramble After SHOCKING Leak Just Surfaced


NEW LEAKS! The secret globalists plan delivered to the leeches in the Capitol Hill is finally revealed. The Democrats made their own way to their “glory” against President Trump by sabotaging his every single bill which is important for the future of this people.

We said, “glory” because, if you watch some of the mainstream media news channels, you will spot how the liberal pundits exaggerate the fictional “victory” of the Congress against the reforms of the executive branch of the government.

Now, please take a look at the documents below. This is how they’re functioning and playing their dirty game.


This is quite interesting, right? As you can see, they already implement their methods. That’s how they work, that’s how they taught.

They are all inside the bubble. We’re outside the bubble and we¬†see CLEARLY. We’re unbreakable.

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