Dems Call Sessions Racist… This TRUTH Proves He’s Far From It. MEDIA SILENT!


The mainstream media does nothing but false accusations of the Republicans and Donald Trump. This people are obsessed to destroy the peace and stability in our country and unleash total chaos. Their main topic is racism. They talk all the time about racism, how the white republicans are racists, how the conservative view confronts the constitution, blah blah blah blah….

Haven’t they any evidence or proof, have they? Everything they know is talking nonsense inspired by their ,,sponsors”. On of their target, if not one of the most popular, is Jeff Sessions. This guy was marked as the biggest racist in the Trump’s campaign.

What the f***?! Are they crazy or something ?! This guy practically DESTROYED the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama. He prosecuted the son of Bennie Hays ( the leader of the Klan), because he was charged with murder of black teenager. After this, Sessions did everything in his power to shut down the KKK!

When it comes to economy and life-improvement, NOBODY did more for the black people in Alabama than him.

,,He has fought for civil rights, and has done more to protect jobs and increase the wages of black workers “than anyone in either house of Congress over the last 10 years,” U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow Kirsanow told Breitbart.

Now, wait a minute! Does it sound racist? How is it possible one civil-rights activist, who really FIGHTS against real racism and helps the black minority, to be racist? The answer is simple- Democrats and their media try to give a bad name to the real PATRIOTS. They are RACIST ! They hurt the black people with their crazy false accusations and making fake problems.