While Dems Are Obsessed About Russia, Huckabee DESTROYS Them With The REAL REASON They Lost


The relations between the USA and Russia is a topic that opens so many question.The mainstream media bombardment with fake news and accusations is so pity. They think we are dumb and can not see with our own eyes. Barack Obama, for example, did everything in his power to make even higher confrontations between USA and Russia.

It is good to know that the relations with Barack Obama were very tight and unstable. Would you imagine what is able to happen when this both countries start a Third World War? A total colapse, thousands of Nagasakis and Hiroshimas all around the world. Colateral damage to Earth and human kind beyond repair. On the other hand president Donald Trump makes marvelous step ahead and breaks the chains of the proxy-cold war. Start new beginning, new HOPE for America.

Whenever some of the liberals appear on TV show or News channel they start with their stupid statement that somehow Russians helped Trump win. Hmmm… There was investigation for espionage and trade with classified material on Hilary, not on Trump. However there is always an antidote for their hypocrisy. Look what Mike Huckabee said against these evil people:

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee revealed what he thought about this particular theory.

“This premise is totally ridiculous … that’s nonsense,” he said. “Look, they lost … (I)t wasn’t the Russians who beat them. It was a lack of ideas. It was Hillary being a very poor candidate.”

“It was maybe in some measure the reality of what was leaked in those emails,” Huckabee continued, referencing the flurry of hacked emails from both the Democrat National Committee and failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign published by WikiLeaks, which had no formal ties whatsoever to Russia.

“The fact that we found out that the Democrats really did hold contempt for Catholics and evangelicals — religious people of all stripes,” he noted.

Speaking on “The Kelly File” two days earlier, Huckabee added that the idea of Russia wanting Trump to win simply did not make sense.

“With all due respect, this notion that Russia wanted Donald Trump to win is nonsense,” he said, as reported by Fox News. “The last person they want in the Oval Office is Donald Trump. For eight years, they’ve pretty much done whatever they wanted to.”

“I don’t think they’re going to do that kind of stuff under Donald Trump because he’s bringing in a whole new kind of approach that says America isn’t going to sit back and take it in the teeth,” he continued.

When you read Huckabee statement you realize that not everybody plays dumb. Now we are able to measure the arguments for real. We know very well who is a criminal and traitor. Among the other things this was one of the main reasons why we ensured Donald Trump with our trust. Because we all know that he is a real patriot! You liberals are only a sad joke. You do not love America- you would love to watch it bur, just like you burned our flag!