Dems, Repubs Both Shocked When They Learn Why Obama Just Gave Mexico $75 Million


One of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s talking points in his campaign has that he wants to protect our borders. He wants to secure the American people from the dangers of illegal immigration and strengthen those borders by building a wall.

However, it seems that President Barack Obama wanted to do one lasting thing before leaving office, so he gifted Mexico $75 million … to help the Mexicans build a wall to improve their border security.

According to a Financial Times story cited by Newsmax, Mexico wanted to stop people from Central American countries like Guatemala from entering their country via its southern border.

A reported 175,000 Central Americans were deported from Mexico last year, and this year that number has gotten close to 100,000 already.

The money went to equipment and training to help Mexico secure its border to the south. Ultimately, Obama’s thinking went, this will help America because it will stop Central Americans from winding up at America’s doorstep via Mexico.

Cue the collective “What the … ?” from all over the country.

Democrats do not want any walls built. Republicans want a wall on the northern border of Mexico — you know, the one actually bordering America.

Their southern border is Mexico’s problem, one that perhaps the U.S. should be willing to discuss with Mexico … after they agree to pay for Trump’s wall.

Republicans and Democrats haven’t agreed on much lately, but they can agree that not only is this idea ridiculous … it is hypocrisy at its finest.

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