DING-DONG: It’s Jail Time


The investigation of, probably, the biggest fraud in the modern American history and the total exposure of the deep state is already running. The first “revelations” of this investigation will leave you shocked. Loretta Lynch and her meetings with Bill Clinton are exposed and you won’t like what they’ve just found. Read more below:

This week, The DOJ released hundreds of emails to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) to investigate the secret meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at the tarmac.

Famous hacker Kim Dotcom just tweeted one of the emails showing Loretta Lynch using the alias “Elizabeth Carlisle.


In the above email, DOJ personnel Melanie Newman revealed Lynch’s real identity by addressing her as “A.G. Lynch.”

Upon Dotcom’s request, a reddit user from (Link: www.reddit.com) figured out the origins of Lynch’s alias. 


According to the birth certificate, Lynch’s alias was her grandmother’s maiden name Lizzie Carlisle.

Back in November 2016, Lynch told Trey Gowdy under oath she only used official email to conduct business. The email was sent prior to her statement to Gowdy, showing she lied and committed perjury. 



H/T RedStateWatcher

Loretta Lynch has a lot to explain in front of this nation. This investigation has a tendency to become a collateral disaster together with the parallel investigation run by Robert Mueller.

We need sanity and we have to remain calm. This is the time where the media has to pick the side of the PEOPLE, of the TRUTH.

These are serious accusations and serious evidence which means someone may end up in jail soon.

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