Disloyal Shep Smith Just Ordered GOP To Do Something Insane To Help Hillary Win, He’s A Traitor


Republicans like Presidential nominee Donald Trump, and any one with common sense, believe that our great country is based on democracy, where each citizen gets one vote. In order to run such a just system, you need checks in place to ensure that people only vote and that only citizens can vote. You’d think this would be very basic, but it’s not.

Democrats want to rig the election by having as many illegals vote as possible, because immigrants tend to vote for Democrats because they know liberals are more prone to looking the other way when immigrants steal from our government and take advantage of our social programs. North Carolina enacted a voter ID law to keep things fair, but it ended up getting struck down.

Can you guess who CHEERED the fact that the voter ID law was eliminated? Disloyal Fox News reporter Shepard Smith. Said Smith:“North Carolina had put in one of those ‘You have to show an ID’ rules which so often in Republican states are designed to keep some minorities from being able to vote, and they tried to reduce the number of voting days. The US Supreme Court says that will not happen.” How disgusting is this? Why does he want to help Hillary win? Thankfully, people on Twitter chewed him out for it. Check out what they posted below: