DISTURBING! Joy Behar Bashed Christianity and Christians On The View – This Just Isn’t Right [VIDEO]


Joy Behar on “The View ” berated those opposed to birth control coverage in health insurance as being no different than the Taliban.

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated argument with the show’s panel on Thursday while debating the Trump administration’s plan to repeal the ObamaCare requirement that health insurance plans provided by employers must provide birth control.

Goldberg asked if repealing the mandate was like “imposing your beliefs on your workers,” setting off an intense gab fest on how the move to roll back the birth control mandate was similar Sharia law requirements.

How about this? Do what you want to do for your family. Let me do what I have to do for mine, and we’ll all be ok. I don’t understand, Whoopi said to the sycophants in the audience.

“They don’t mind their own business,” Behar jumped in, adding “It’s religion.”

“Yeah but you can’t hide behind religion, restrict other people’s rights,” co-host Jedediah Bila chimed in.

That’s done all the time. We saw it when we said, we can’t have gay people adopting so we are going to stop it, Whoopi said.

“How is it different from the Taliban? I’d like to know,” Behar asked, speaking of the extremist Islamic movement that ruled Afghanistan.

With all these rollbacks and what we hear, what’s the difference between us and the people we’re fighting?” Goldberg asked, to which Behar responded, “Nothing.”

She went on to argue that leaders act this way to “keep women down” and “in their place—barefoot and pregnant.”

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Waters commented on the segment by noting that “The View” does not provide true political analysis, but only throw words like “Taliban” into a “word salad” that is applauded by their audience. Waters and his co-hosts on “The Five” gave a “heads up” on what it’s really like to live under Islamic law.

They’re making these type of comparisons, and comparing it to the Taliban just goes to show you the outrageous nature of their claims, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said, adding that it was “so irresponsible.


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