Dolly Parton Breaks Silence On Emmys, Calls Out Colleagues For Their Attacks Against Trump


Liberals have been attacking Trump since the beginning of his presidency. That continued when Dolly Parton had to sit there in an awkward silence as her two co stars attacked our President.

As a conservative, she did not really know how to react. They did not tell her that they were doing this before hand. If so, she would have declined. And surely they did it on purpose given her reputation as a Southern girl.

But she recently came out talking about what happened that night. “When all else fails, do a boob joke,” Parton said on Fox News with a laugh. She always did have a sense of humor. And it seems like she has found it once again, even after this horrible situation came to pass.

This Emmys was an example of everything that is wrong with liberal America. Liberals, and Hollywood in particular, seem to believe that they are in some way better than other people. So during the show, they spread their hate against the president constantly. That is what seems to happen so often.

It is safe to say that she was very caught off guard  when Fonda and Tomlin used their moment in stage to call out Trump by saying that he is a “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

She talked about this night and what was going through her head. It is not something that she would do, but she is not angry about what they did. “I don’t voice my political opinions,” she told reporters. “I just get out there and entertain. To me, that’s what I do. I don’t condemn them.”

But it is important to note that she would obviously say something like this because she does not want to be on bad terms with her colleagues. That does not mean she is not angry with them for putting her on the spot like this.

They used her as a shield. That is what happened and there is no other way to put it.

The liberal stars seemed to think that she would join in on the hate, but Parton refrained.