Donald Trump Made A Great Surprise For All American Police Officers


This news is AWESOME! While Obama disgraced and insulted our brave police officers, Donald Trump just made a spectacle for them. The previous White House administration discriminated the veterans, the police officers, our military etc. Now, Donald Trump is showing those people that America stands behind them.

President Trump came into office signaling a major shift in American policies from the 8 failed years of the Obama administration. None more important than how Trump views and treats our brave law enforcement officers.

What Obama allowed to happen to the moral of these great institutions will forever shame his legacy. Even worse than his other failings.

Today, and most people don’t know this, is Peace Officer Memorial Day, which kicks off Police Week, which goes from May 14-20.

We can all be forgiven for not knowing this because under Obama police were not a priority and under no circumstances would he permit any signs of outward support for our police officers.

To say he had a critical opinion of the boys in blue is an understatement. His justice department actually went after multiple law enforcement agencies.

Trump is different. He not only likes and respects out men in blue he honors them.

To kick off Police Week Trump will drape the White House the color blue in support of fallen policemen. This is a great gesture and one Obama refused to make for 8 years.

Trump made the announcement today in a ceremony at the White House where he honored these brave men and women for their sacrifices.

He thanked them and reminded all Americans that what separates us from chaos is often the thin blue line of the police. He reminded Americans that they keep us safe and noted some grim statistics.

118 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty last year. 66 of these were the victims of intentional assaults on police, a huge increase of (40 percent) from 2015.Trump also asked all American to fly their flags at half mast to honor these brave men.

H/T World News Politics

THIS IS YOUR PRESIDENT! Let’s share this post everywhere and spread the word. The patriotic spirit must be awakened once again. We have to make America great again and this is how we’re going to do it. Good job, Mr. President- our cops deserved this.