Donald Trump Will Finally Bring Peace To The Middle East

Donald Trump is finally going to make it! After half a century full of war and conflict, Donald Trump will make his best efforts to bring peace in the Middle East. Donald Trump has strong ties with Israel and he respects this country as our closest ally.

On the other hand, he established a strong partnership with Saudi Arabia and the experts are finally optimistic that Trump will help Israel and Palestine find mutual understanding.

Reports have been flooding into the U.S. all day that suggests President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia is going remarkably well.

The foreign minister ranted and raved about the Trump administration during his press conference with Rex Tillerson, calling the visits a “turning point” in U.S.-Islamic relations.

He even used the phrase “draining the swamp” in reference to eliminating extremism and global terrorism in the Middle East.Saudi Arabia feels confident that President Trump could help facilitate peace between The Israelis and the Palestinians.Check it out (via Breitbart):

[Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir] spoke of the “kingdom’s optimism that President Trump, with a new approach and determination, can bring a conclusion to this long conflict. He certainly has the vision, and we believe he has the strength and the decisiveness. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands prepared to work with the United States in order to bring about peace between Israelis and Palestinians and Israelis and Arabs.”

The foreign minister clarified that his remarks came on behalf of the Saudi Arabian King, who held a meeting with President Trump earlier in the day.


The President, himself, has seemingly enjoyed the visit as well, calling it “tremendous.”

He said “tremendous investments” would come from the deals signed between the two countries.

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Let’s pray for our president’s success. He is a good man and he has a totally different approach than Obama when it comes to foreign policy. He has a vision and he is able to make the things work between Israel and Palestine. SHARE IF YOU AGREE!