DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump Just Finished McCain & Flake’s Career With What He Said About Them


Donald Trump did something really incredible while he was having a speech on his HUGE rally in Arizona. President Trump humiliated the traitors who decided to choose their own interest before the greater good. McCain and Flake- they never made Arizona proud.

That’s why they are going to be punished. Read more below:

President Trump’s rally last night in Phoenix is driving the liberals up walls, around corners, and through roofs. The leftist media is literally trying to find a way to twist it into something racist and everyone is seeing them for the frauds they are.

However, it wasn’t just the media Trump took down last night. He also took an epic hit out on Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake despite some big wigs telling him to back off.

Trump revealed to the crowd that ‘somebody’ told him not to be mean to other Republicans…



“They all said, ‘Mr. President, your speech was so good last night, please, please Mr. President, don’t mention any names.’ So I won’t. I won’t.”

However, Trump is not just gonna sit back and get bossed around. He is the President, after all. So what did he do? He took aim on McCain.

“One vote away — I will not mention any names. Very presidential, isn’t it?” 

Clearly, he was talking about McCain ruining the ObamaCare repeal effort by turning on his party at the last second.

Trump was not done yet. Next, he went after Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, who has tried to make a career out of hating Trump,

“Nobody wants me to talk about your other senator, who’s weak on borders, weak on crime. So I won’t talk about him.”

It’s worth mentioning that Flake knows he is running a doomed campaign for 2018 after he turned on the party and voters rejected him.

But hey, they gave Trump a set of rules so he followed them exactly as they were written. Do you think it’s time to vote these loser Senators out?

H/T LibertyWriters

Will you give your votes to people like John McCain or Flake? Well, President Trump is just saying out loud what everybody else is supposed to. We can’t be ignorant anymore. This is a good progress for our country and we need to start thinking seriously about getting rid of all GLOBALISTS on our political scene.

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