Eagles’ QB Just Broke HUGE NFL Rule With Unexpected Announcement He Made Today


The NFL players are a true “spectacle” these days. They feel the need to “express” themselves, they are very much “expressive” in the last couple of months and maybe THAT’S THE PROBLEM. However, in the story below you will see a unique version of a kneeler who just came up with brand new rule/suggestion for all kneelers. Read the report below:

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz ventured outside the typical liberal talking points concerning the shooting that has sent shock waves through the NFL. 

Over the last several weeks, the American people have had to witness hundreds of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem in protest. These disrespectful players claim that they are drawing attention to racial oppression in America all while cashing million dollar checks. Then when an actual tragedy befalls the United States, these players are oddly silent on the sidelines. Well, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz broke that silence and caused quite the controversy by mentioning God.

You see, after the horrible mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, Wentz logged onto Twitter and said: “The world needs Jesus.”

Of course, the left will react poorly to Wentz’s comment since it is about God and not about hating America or President Trump. As we have seen week after week the NFL and the mainstream are just fine with players disrespecting our veterans by taking a knee but will fine a player for kneeling in prayer.

Talk about hypocrisy. 

The left cannot stand that God was brought up into this conversation since that is something they cannot control. There are those on the left that would rather have the public focus on gun control and causing division between American citizens then speak about God and morality.

And, that was proven by the actions of Democratic politicians mere moments after tragedy struck. 

Hillary Clinton blasted the NRA essentially saying that legal gun owners were the issue for this tragedy. Bernie Sanders jumped on his soapbox yelling for common sense gun laws, and Senator Seth Moulton a Democrat from Massachuttes refused to participate in a moment of silence for the victims till stricter gun laws were passed.

H/T FreedomDaily

Eagles player chose a good method and narrative despite everything. We really need God, we really need our spirituality, we need unity. We can hope that the Republicans will protect your 2nd amendment and don’t let leftists pass their gun-control laws.