“This Election Is Being Rigged”, Mike Pence Just Revealed Disturbing Evidence Confirming Our Worst Fears


Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence is aware that he and his boss are in for a hell of a fight for the remaining days of the election. We can almost be certain that the elections will be fixed against Trump judging by the media’s prejudice.

VIA Conservative 101

Indiana Governor Mike Pence knows he and republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump are facing an uphill battle. The media is so biased for Hillary that it’s clear the whole election is rigged.

Pence described how the press keeps publishing unsubstatiated accounts about Trump as fact, while ignoring all the criminal revelations that have recently come out about Hillary through Wikileaks.

Said Pence, “Revelations coming out of secretary of state Clinton’s years in the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are virtually ignored by the national media.”

He added, “We discovered this week that State Department officials actually directed contracts for the Haitian recovery after the earthquake to friends of the Clinton. Literally, that got almost no media attention.”

Concluded Pence, “It’s one of the reasons why so many Americans feel like they election is being rigged by a national media that’s constantly trying to change the subject away from and practice willful ignorance toward the corruption and misdeeds and pay for play politics of the Clintons.” Do you think the election is rigged?

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