Ellen DeGeneres Says One Thing That Infuriated Millions Of Americans – What’s Your Response?


Famous liberal talk show host Ellen DeGeneres used the opportunity to once again criticize President Donald Trump. This time, in a Friday interview with Matt Lauer from NBC.

She told him that she does not intend to bring President Donald Trump as a guest on her show because he is against everything that she stands for.

According to a recent report from Fox News:

While Ellen Degeneres hosted numerous famous political figures, such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George W. Bush, said that she is not interested in calling President Donald Trump on her show.

On the other hand, she was talking about her first encounter with Trump adding that the meeting happened a long time ago.

Here is what she said about their first meeting:

I do not know his. I mean I know him from Celebrity Apprentice because when we first started this show, I think Season 1 or 2, we went out there and we filmed something with him and so I flew in his helicopter and did a bit with him. So I knew him then but I have not spoken to him since he’s run for president or become president.

You can see the full video here:

This is a bad move by DeGeneres because bringing President Donald Trump at her show would help her ratings reach skyrocket level. But what can be expected who invited Hilary Clinton on her own show? And plus, even if she invites President Trump on her show, there is a little chance that he will accept the invitation.

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