The End! Republican Candidate To Replace Elizabeth Warren Sets Brilliant Trap To Get Her Fired


Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has been the butt of jokes for many years after claiming to be of Native American heritage, though no DNA evidence exists to verify this ridiculous claim.

In fact, the only “evidence” is what Warren calls “family stories.”

Well, a man running to be the GOP nomination for Senate in Massachusetts has issued a pretty epic challenge to Warren, daring her to take a DNA test and prove her Native American heritage.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting, V.A. Shiva, who is seeking the Republican nomination in 2018… filmed himself holding a “23andMe” DNA testing kit, which he claims requires only his saliva and a “few short days” to prove if he was a real Indian. Shiva was born in Bombay, India, while Warren’s claim is about having American Indian, or Native American, heritage.

“I want to challenge Elizabeth Warren to do the same,” he said. “I’m calling this now the Real Indian vs. Fake Indian challenge. Elizabeth, why don’t you do this? It’s really, really simple.”

Warren’s claims of Indian lineage from her early days as a professor dogged her during her 2012 run for the Senate against Scott Brown. She could only cite “family stories,” reported the Washington Post, of having Delaware and Cherokee Indian heritage, at one point referencing a relative’s “high cheekbones.”

Somewhere, at this very moment, Elizabeth Warren is clutching a pillow to her face and letting out a scream.

Warren has been made fun of by President Trump, Bill Maher, and now this Senate candidate, not to mention a huge portion of the American population.

Elizabeth Warren is going to lose. She hitched herself to the wrong horse. She was devout to Hillary.

Maybe the American people will get lucky and she will run fro president and get destroyed by Trump.