Entitled Jerk Kaepernick Just Got EXACTLY WHAT HE DESERVES!


KARMA OWNED COLIN KAEPERNICK AND HE IS GOING TO REGRET HIS NONSENSE! The liberal football star( who turned into an ANTI-HERO) received really, really bad news. He got what he deserved after he disrespected EVERYTHING AMERICAN in the past year. Read more below:

Last year, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made headlines for ridiculously sitting during the national anthem as a protest over race relations in the U.S. Now, Kaepernick is facing scorn from NFL teams not willing to risk negative publicity that could cost them millions by signing on the social justice warrior.

Kaepernick ended up being dropped by the 49ers due to his lack of talent and his race-baiting antics. He has since been desperately trying to find a new team to sign him, but he has found no success. Kaepernick has found himself effectively banned by the NFL, as no team wants to deal with his distracting racial protests.

After he began his protests, the 49ers saw a 25% drop in the number of fans watching their team, which cost them millions of dollars. Another team is not willing to take the risk that this same thing will happen to them by signing Kaepernick.

H/T Truth Monitor

This happens when you want to play ‘SOROS UPRISING’-it’s a dirty, nasty game. I hope this man will realize that he was used as a tool in the hand of the liberalism. His job is done. Now his career and future are ruined. Either way, he’s going to learn his lesson sooner or later.