EPIC! Netanyahu Pulls Out 1 Photo on Facebook – EMBARRASSES Obama In Front Of The World


We just can’t get enough of that liberal hypocrisy. Barack Obama is the jewel in the liberal crown of epic hypocrites. These people always wear masks and act in order to achieve personal gain putting the right mask for the right people.

We let such administration to lead our country. With that attitude we lost completely our global reputation and, on the other hand, our internal problems are not solved, but even worsened. Last shock was Obama’s irrational statements and actions against the country of Israel. He tried to cut the bonds with our traditional ally. Look how Netanyahu puts Obama in place:

The nation of Israel was badly snubbed late last week by the United Nations Security Council and the United States, which could have prevented the incident, did nothing.

The Security Council passed a resolution that condemned Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was predictably disappointed, particularly in President Barack Obama.

The Obama administration has hardly been the favorite of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and now that they have done something so blatantly opposed to our ally Israel’s interests, Netanyahu thought it appropriate to point out some Obama hypocrisy.

He said it best: “Seriously?”

“2008, Presidential candidate Barack Obama at the Western Wall,” he wrote. “2016, U.N. calls the Western Wall ‘occupied Palestinian territory.’ Seriously?” he concluded, showing a picture of Barack Obama at the Western wall, yarmulke and all.

There’s a significant difference between 2008 and 2016 (besides the massive national debt increase and weaker standing on the world stage), and it was that Barack Obama no longer has to worry about the public opinion of the American people. He doesn’t have to pander to get votes — his true colors can come out.

Apparently, those colors are pointedly anti-Israeli.

The good news, of course, is that a president is inbound with whom Netanyahu has a solid relationship. President-elect Donald Trump is a strong supporter of our ally Israel and will move our country in a direction which includes closer ties with one of the most powerful forces in the Middle East.

H/T Conservative Tribune

We are all feeling sorry for this action and we do not accept the selfishness of our ex-president. It is pretty stupid for us, as a nation, to stay blind and def before these manipulations and games played by our highest government officials. We see with our own eyes now- liberals, you are done!